What benefits are there to finding a job through an agency, rather than on my own?

It’s free! 

Nanny agencies charge the families a fee to find them a nanny. There is no charge for nannies to find a job. In fact, it is illegal for agencies to charge someone to find a job. If anyone asks you to pay a fee to find a job you should find another agency to work with. 

Pre-screened families

If you have ever tried to find a job through an online site you know it is often like finding a needle in a haystack. The families who work with the agencies have been pre-screened and only those who are serious make the cut. Some of the families may be repeat clients and the agency will have the previous nanny’s feedback and tips on making the new placement successful. You won’t have to waste your time with families who want to pay minimum wage, pay you under the table or have you do heavy housekeeping, household management, and every other task under the sun.

Access to jobs that are not public

Agencies often have jobs that are not even posted online. These jobs are saved for the top nannies who are registered with the agency. They are usually with repeat clients who have top paying jobs and trust the agency to find them the most qualified nannies.

Fair wage

Are you tired of interviewing with families that you love only to find out that they are only offering to pay a fraction of the going rate?!  Discussing wage expectations and advocating for yourself can be tricky, even when you’ve found a family with whom you really connect.  Since agencies pre-screen their families, they make sure that the families are able to pay a competitive and fair wage. The agency also spends time educating the families about what is an acceptable rate for a professional, educated nanny and negotiating on your behalf.

Extended Medical and Dental Benefits

With The Nanny Solution parents can opt to purchase a benefit plan for health and dental benefits for the nanny they employ.  Coverage includes: Prescription Drugs, Hospital, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Travel Insurance, Dental Care & more. Plans range from $100-300 per month depending on the province and whether or not the nanny has dependents.


Agencies will provide you with after-interview feedback that is important to your professional development. How many times have you interviewed with a family and you just never hear back? That will never happen with a nanny agency as they are in constant contact with the families and will provide feedback if there were any issues at the interview.

Professional Presentation

Agencies make sure that your file is complete and professional before sending your documents to a family. This means the family is left with the best first impression.  Half the battle is just getting a family to interview you!

Best Nannies and Families

Professional agencies have a reputation for having the best nannies and families. When you work with an agency, families are trusting you based on the agency’s reputation for finding and placing great nannies. Agencies often have high end clients who don’t trust the internet to find them a professional nanny.


After getting placed in your fantastic position the agency is always there to help with any issues or questions that come up. Nannies often work alone without any co-workers and the support of agency staff is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes you just need somebody to lend an ear or to help get everyone back on the same page should any issues arise. 

Employment Standards and Revenue Canada 

The agency staff is extremely knowledgeable about your rights as an employee and will ensure that you are well protected and treated fairly.  Some agencies even offer a free payroll service to the families to ensure that the nannies’ deductions and pay calculations are correct. It is tough to advocate for yourself if you are not aware of the rules and your rights.  

A solid contract

Agencies have templates of contracts that have been tweaked numerous times over the years.  The contracts have been constructed to protect both parties from incidents that may have arisen in the past. Also, there are some practices that are standard in the nanny industry that may not be in other industries and these have been added to the contract as well. 

Nanny agencies have the nannies’ best interests in mind and they will treat you well.  Agencies are grateful and appreciative of nannies who do great work!   Do yourself a favour and call one today – they will be happy to hear from you!

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