Do I sign a contract with the family?

Yes. Once you have found a family to work for, The Nanny Solution will draft a contract that protects both you and the family.

Some of the main components of a contract are:

  • Start date
  • Schedule (days, times & guaranteed number of hours per week)
  • Clear list of duties - What does light housekeeping mean to you?
  • Vacation - note that industry standard is to pay your nanny for any times when you are away and do not require them to work. We do not recommend asking your nanny to bank hours. 
  • Sick days - the requirement for paid sick days vary from province to province. Living through the pandemic, it is very apparent that there needs to be a certain number of paid sick days offered. The current standard is  4 - 7 sick days per part time contract and 7-10 days for full time employees. 
  • Is driving required?
  • Statutory holidays
  • Terms and cancellation