What is my commitment to the Nanny Solution?

The only thing we ask from you is clear and timely communication, as well as mutual respect. 

The Nanny Solution is committed to providing the highest quality of childcare, with the children's safety and security being our number one priority.
We do this by working with Nannies of excellence, who are both trained and experienced, while offering a service that is secure, confidential, AND trustworthy.
Our Promise to You
  1. We will work to ensure you get the best families and the best jobs possible at a fair and competitive wage.
  2. We will provide guidance and support before, during, and after your placement.
  3. We will keep all the documents in your file confidential and safe, and will abide by all privacy laws.
  4. We are available to you when you need us. We promise to respond promptly and will treat you with honesty and respect.
  5. We will ensure you are paid legally and properly, and will advise your employer to abide by government regulations and
  6. provincial employment standards.
  7. We will share honest feedback with you, with the hope that it will allow you to learn and grow from it.
Your Promise to Us
  1. You will not work for a family privately that you have met through the agency. If a family asks to work with you and bypass the agency, you will alert the agency right away. If you are referred to another family by a family you have worked with through the agency, you will let The Nanny Solution know right away. You will advise the family that they will need to contact The Nanny Solution and proceed with a placement through the agency.
  2. You will be professional at all times. Punctuality, honesty, and respect for the children, parents, and agency staff are required at all times. I understand that I am representing The Nanny Solution and will uphold its core values at all times.
  3. You will alert The Nanny Solution when any incident happens (e.g., a child's injury or your injury while you are working, an argument over pay, or any communication breakdown between you and the family you are working with). We have over 20 years of experience and expertise dealing with such situations, and we are always here to help.
  4. You will communicate with The Nanny Solution in a timely manner. We communicate by email, phone, and text. Please respond as soon as possible, as communication is often time-sensitive.
  5. You will keep your file up to date with a current criminal record check, references, resumes, and First Aid / CPR certificates. You will let us know of any contact detail changes including phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses.
  6. You understand that the children's safety comes first. Always.