Interviews - what should I expect?

Once your profile is sent to the family, they will decide if they would like to interview you or not. If they choose to move forward, a member from the placement team will reach out with some options. 

Currently we are starting the interview process over zoom. It is important that you test your log in, microphone and camera prior to the interview if you are not familiar with zoom. After the interview, please let The Nanny Solution know how it went, if you are interested or not and any additional feedback or questions that you have. We will then follow up with the family and let you know if they would like to process with a face to face meeting. Please note that in many cases, families are meeting with multiple nannies and it may take a few days to get feedback if they are in the process of interviews. 

In some cases families will ask to review your references and set up a trial shift (paid of course). Be prepared to share your references if you like a family and are hoping for a job offer!