Am I entitled to statutory holiday pay?

This is dependent on the type of contract you are in and what province you are located in.

For example, in BC, you must work a minimum of 15 of the 30 days before the stat, in order to be eligible for statutory holiday pay. So if you work 3 days a week for one family, you are not eligible. Qualifying for statutory holiday pay in BC

In Alberta, if you have worked at least 30 workdays for an employer, you are eligible for an average days’ pay. To calculate, the employer will divide the total wages earned by the number of days worked over the previous 4 weeks. 

In Ontario, both part time and full time employees are entitled to statutory holiday pay by calculating all regular wages earned in the four weeks before the work week divided by 20.

Remember, if you are asked to work on a statutory holiday, your employer is required to pay more than just your regular wage. Each province has it’s own mandate and it is important to know your rights.