What happens when a nanny is sick?

Deciding how much sick leave to pay for can be a tricky subject - not paying a nanny for sick days may convince them to come to work when they are ill and infectious, but paying for too many sick days can be difficult logistically and financially. Our standard contracts include 5 paid sick days per year for part-time nannies, and 10 paid sick days per year for full-time nannies, but we do encourage offering more sick days to your nannies if you are able.

According to government requirements depending on your area, you may be required to provide a minimum number of sick days. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed these rules for each province, so we have included links to the government websites below for you to review.

In each province, employers are required to provide employees with:

British Columbia5 days of paid sick leave.

Alberta: No minimum.

Ontario: No minimum.